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New Arrive 2012 timelapse cam TLC200

Brinno new time lapse cam TLC 200. There are two colors in official website, there only green color in store ~”~.

But, still very exciting ^^

The packing information

In front, the design concept is NEVER MISS GREAT MOMOETS and share with your friend in world press platform. Like Facebook or YouTube.


Back information, are focus on time lapse camera photo to video create process and make description in feature,

1. HD resolution photo quality, 1280 x 760.

2. Camera lens can rotation take more angel image

3. LCD view finder( the last version GWC or TLC100 no have it)

4. Power saving (it can take 300,000 frames! The GWC and TLC100 only 28,000 frames. It is 10 times power saving than before)

5. New function for take “stop motion”

6. New function for add extra lens, it like use professional camera, change big and long lens for wide view photo and zoom view photo. It’s cool.


The internal package, include 4 AA, 2 GB SD, manual and manual.


The TLC200 looking



Left side has rubber for extra input port.

1. SD card

2. Extension port


The Extension port has two plugs in

1. AUX in port, for???

2. Mini USB, it can get extra power source without battery.


Let Start!! Power on!


Forget to plug in SD card…..


The first image for using interface, it have time stamp and time interval display


In the manual selection have 8 pages.

Page1, the output resolution selection


Page2, time setting


Page3, it can adjust the Video frame rate


Page4, low light record selection


Page5, time stamp display


Page6, LED flash display when the photo record


Page7, firmware version display


The last page, the reset function to original setting


The time interval internal setting,

Final, it looks improve a lot in the new version TLC200 from Brinno company. It takes the problem in last version and adds in new one. The best is new saving power, it really amazing for 4xAAA can take 300,000 photos. If 5 sec take a photo regularly, it can take 17 days continually. Let’s try first and give more update after using.

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