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Time lapse camera: “the big dig” Comparison Wingscapes vs. Brinno vs. Recolo



Why using time lapse camera instead of DSLR or time lapse Apps on i phone?

No.1 reason:

The limited DSLR shutter life:–> 1 min a photo for 10 days will cost you 14,400 shots!  Supposed the life of the DSLR 100,000 shots only. i.e 8 times of 10 days time lapse shooting then you are completely toasted!! It can also be better put like this:

Will you drive your Ferrari from LA to New York? 2,400 mi or 4,000 km. you can but you won’t.

Extra batteries and memory cards and the interval. Battery is no cheap! The other reminding is you probably need to wake up at mid night to replace the batteries and SD cards.

Unless you were James Cameron’s dive in Mariana trench then no doubt your should use the DSLR for your historical deepest time lapse video.


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