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It’s summer, the perfect time for a bike tour. But how can we enjoy beautiful view with share to friend? The tradition digital camera or DV has problem to fix on bike and longtime recording video to difficult share to your family, especially in power consumption, it cannot continue use for many hours. Now Brinno company has a new camera for solve this problem. It can take recording for many days with 4 AA battery and it can auto compress recording photo to short time video.

The basics – what you’ll need:

Brinno time lapse camera TLC 200




Setting time interval


Bike holder




Video Demo & result:


Cameras are cool and bikes are cool, and the two together are downright freezing. Plus, the Tour de France is in full swing. It’s the season of the bike!

Wear your helmet. Start pedaling. Snap, record, repeat!

Your camera can now boldly go wherever your bike goes! Here are some ideas…

  • Cross a bridge or head down a single-track mountain bike trail
  • Weave through rush hour traffic Use the time lapse function on your camera for some great action videos.
  • Attach your bike to your car (or a bus, if you’re in the city) and hit record!
  • Turn the camera to face you and pretend you’re in the Tour.
  • Ride through the scariest neighborhood in town. Fast. At 4 in the morning.
  • image

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  1. where can I buy it with the bike holder?

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