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GoPro review_Brinno Time lapse camera vs. GoPro Hero 2

More and more stunning timelapse videos on the internet have been created spontaneously right directly from the so called “time lapse camera”. You do not have to buy those extra time lapse accessories like time interval, expensive Li batteries, extra expensive memory cards. In addition, Painful and CPU-demanding post processing work which has been proved the No.1 timelapse filmers killers are no more threats to most of the photographers since the introduction of the time lapse cameras.


There are, however, some professional photographers still insisting the DSLR is the only weapon. I’d say it is not the case if using wide angle lens for time lapse videos.

DSLR wide angle lens is very very expensive

What really matters? Huge Price difference in buying these wide angle f1.X lens

Many of the photographers realize that these F1.X lens are extremely high price that you can even buy another brand new DLSR.( e.g. Canon EF f/1.8, 50mm is USD95, Canon EF f1.8, 28mm is USD470, 5X higher!!)

Alternatives to wide angle DSLR

In an attempt to “justify” the “wide angel” time lapse camera in terms of those high prices DSLR + Wide angle lens, I tried two of the most popular models here: Brinno TLC200 and GoPro Hero2. You will find out these cameras are really something by the amazing price/performance against f/1.X DSLR.

SPEC from Web sites

Everyone including me is reluctant to go on any test if you need to make a choice from the Brinno and GoPro thru the specifications above. But going deeper you will find something interesting such as:SPEC is significant but……..

1. GoPro 2 is only able to output 1920×1080 (~2MP) video though it has 11MP sensor (time lapse mode is adjusted to 5MP). Brinno is 1.3MP video with 1.3MP sensor

2. Total photos taken is 5,571frames within battery life 3.1hr of GoPro2. Brinno is 28,658 frames with battery indicator”unchanged” in 15.9hr( it seemed taking ‘too long time” to fully run out the battery (300,000 frames is absolutely possible), Brinno seems to be a long runner but I really need some ZZZzzzzzzz..)

The Brinno camera battery indicator is still unchanged “FULL” after 15.9 hrs at time interval 2 sec !!!

3. Viewfinder is necessary (at least for me who is not doing those extreme sports everyday) to frame your scene properly. Some claims this is the photography lesson 101.

4. GoPro basically stores the JPEG format in various folders. You have to use the GoPro software to collect the selected JPEG files to create the video file from those folders. It’s OK for the computer average guy like me. It is sort of painful and complicated for ordinary people. Brinno instead has the what they boosted “the auto AVI generated right on the gear. No software or post processing is required.

p.s Lens FOV: GoPro has the well known 170 degrees lens. Brinno’s standard lens is far less small so an added on wide angle lens is adapted to perform this test.


Test videos:


GOPro Hero 2:

I’d recommend you to buy GoPro in high speed extreme sports with those smart accessories. Brinno performs well in long time period recording with great videos at USD100 less expensive. Above all, GoPro Hero2 has really cool sensors for higher resolution photos videos. Brinno is designed to produce longer time recording time lapse videos.

London Olympics 2012 is hot at this season, If GoPro is the gold medal candidate for the Men’s 100 meters race, Brinno is born to be the 800 meters or maybe marathon (I definitely will test this Brinno marathon sometime) TBC….

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  1. Hi, Thank you for your test of the Brinno. Have you tried plugging it to an outlet via 5V USB Connector? It could be useful if I want to do a year worth of timelapse for example (construction of a building for example 🙂 I don’t know if the Brinno can actually do that! Could lt?

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