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Unique time-lapse Camera TLC200 the Brinno mini camera evaluation

Time-lapse photography is a very magical function; it can provide us the long time photos shooting in a short time movie. We can see time change, when we watch this video. However, time-lapse video is very difficult in traditional digital camera especially from many photos integrate to a movie, accessories assistance in time interval and battery to support long time photo shooting!! Today Brinno time lapse camera TLC200 has solution in above

time-lapse photography can be very simple


Brinno the TLC200 imaging capability of this product with 720p, 120 ° up and down the viewfinder, the battery can shoot 300,000 photos, you can also install a wide-angle lens attached to achieve greaterperspective, we can say it is a very special product.

Video: Time lapse Camera TLC200 in Singapore 2012
Video: Brinno TLC200 Unboxibg

▲Brinno TLC200

For this product I believe everyone is question of it? What result it can take what image quality look like? so I invite you to take look what will happen in my test, take a look at that the Brinno TLC200 w hope you will enjoy.


Small size with green color

First, we take a look at the appearance of this product, this product is very small, only 64 × 46 × 106mm, weighs only 120g, white and green appearance with very beautiful:


▲Look, the Brinno TLC200 is really small.


▲Not too many operation buttons, it’s easy to use. 


▲Brinno TLC200.


▲The lens is rotatable!


▲It’s really useful.


Switch, and the OK button on the rear of the camera

AA battery is easy to replace

We take a look at the details in Brinno TLC200 time lapse camera,clip_image018

The top of the camera has indicator lights to inform the user of the video working state,


▲Brinno TLC200.


Side slot has SD card interface for recording and USB interface for power charge.clip_image024

▲Brinno TLC200.



▲Brinno TLC200.

The battery is four AA batteries; replacement is very convenient, for long time using user is batter use power charge in USB


● Feature

Then we take a look at the feature, this product is very simple, but has comprehensive feature set for all settings only rely on the three buttons on the left and right and OK to achieve.


▲Brinno TLC200.


From the chart, we can see that the open product display these contents, including mode, shooting interval of time.


▲Brinno TLC200.


The product can be set to 1280 × 720 and 640 × 480 two kinds of resolution, on Pictured 720p.


▲Brinno TLC200.


▲Brinno TLC200.


The recording time interval can be adjusted according to the user’s needs, one above picture shows the default mode and customize mode.clip_image034

▲Brinno TLC200.


You can also choose whether the time needs to be embedded in the film, the other options, by default is embedded time.


● Good design and full function

There are many questions about how to use product, I would introduce everyone in Brinno official movie, please preview:
o interesting videos in the end is how to shoot out of it, you see the instructions below:


▲filming Sample Screenshot


Open the TLC200 camera placed to the right shooting position; photographed interval adjustment to the menu every 3 seconds automatically take one photo to confirm OK; (This step can also choose to use a cable release to shoot their own)clip_image038

Operation process


Set the video playback menu 5FPS (play five frames per second), confirm OKclip_image040

Operation process


you can use following process to have time lapse video


▲the result in TLC200


The first time take pictures may can be set longer, 5 seconds, 8 seconds the master of their own, or use a cable release manual camera, so you can let the TLC200 shoot every time you change the screen moving props, So coherent action shooting, a magical little movie recording process is complete.


● After photo shot, you can take off SD card to play in PC



How to make you feel the magic of such a product?

● Summary in Brinno TLC200

Well, after the author of the evaluation, how do you feel this product? Indeed, if there is no such product, the regular digital camera also use special accessories to achieve this, but need to be very careful to look at the camera will not be stolen, the important is battery life will be the problem for long time using.clip_image046

▲Brinno TLC200 also has lots accessories to fit your needs!

see Brinno TLC200 accessories: here

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