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brinno bike camera

For years, police cars have been outfitted with cameras and microphones collecting fuzzy footage and scratchy audio that had limited use.

But now one company, Pivothead, is putting superior technology into sunglasses worn by highway patrol officers in places like Austin, Texas. The glasses are able to capture the details of a driver’s face in high-definition and record conversations at higher bit rates using smaller, more precise microphones.

Pivothead’s Zach Barbitta says the benefits are many.

“For some professionals it mitigates insurance premiums. No longer does a police officer have to spend his time in court justifying a drunk driver – it was all captured on Pivothead.

Pilots fly and use the footage as training tools. Military personnel have control of protests and can analyze the footage.”

The Brinno camera takes a picture once a second

Lifeguards use them on the beach to record unfolding events; ski patrols can capture the scene of an accident and play it back for anyone who needs to see it, such as doctors and safety inspectors; coaches can use the glasses to analyse gameplay or athlete performance.

Brinno Inc starting making a video camera specially for front mounting onto bicycles.

The engineers behind the TLC200 were keen to record multi-day bike rides, but had found the typical 30 frames-per-second HD sports cameras consumed too much battery power and memory.

The gadgets simply fizzled out after a couple of hours use. The video camera they created lasted seven days on one charge, taking one frame every second – still a satisfactory way to remember any bike ride.

More importantly the efficiency of the unit has made it appealing to law enforcement agencies, including the police department in Newport Beach, California.

The camera is mounted on bicycles and is set to record three frames per second, the lowest frame rate allowed as evidence in courts, according to Chris Adams, from Brinno Inc, who says other professionals, including teachers, have found it very useful.


Once your video is shot, it’s actually a Time Lapse video and not a series of JPEGs.

No stitching, no converting!

Playback on the spot on your smartphone


There are lots camcorders (Sony action cam, GoPro hero X,…..or action cams can help you record biking video. But the problem is………


What makes a good bike camera?

1. Easy to Setup

Rock solid mount even for mountain bike or heavy motorbike

2. Time Lapse video

Once your video is shot, it’s actually a Time Lapse video 

3. Preview in advance

LCD viewfinder to portrait

4. Playback on-site

8 hrs biking trip to 8 mins time lapse video.

5. Better battery life

4 AA batteries works for 7 days.

Brinno Bike Camera


Dead Easy and dead solid setup

brinno bike camera

Fits for bike or motorcycle!

brinno bike camera

What’s included in the package?

brinno bike camera


Preview in advance

LCD viewfinder to portrait


Others action cam “NO” viewfinder


Playback on-site

Play your biking time lapse video on the smartphone with Brinno Reader.


Excellent Battery Life

4 AA batteries can work for 7Days. (168hrs).


Brinno Bike Camera v.s ActionCam



brinno bike camera

brinno bike camera

brinno bike camera

brinno bike camera

brinno bike camera

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