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Brinno BBC100-Bike Camera


Bike Camera BBC100

1) TimeLapse Camera (TLC200 f1.2)

2) Bike Holder (ABH100)

3) Weather Resistant Housing (ATH110)

brinno bike camera



Install the ABH100



Install the TLC200 f1.2


Step3 Start Recording

1) Switch ON.

2) The LCD will show set up screen.

3) Set up the Time Interval and AVI frame rate


4) Press OK to proceed to the Preview Screen.

5) Press OK again to the recording process.

Step4 Finish

While recording, hold the OK button until the LCD light turns on and shows the text “Done!”. This indicates the recording session is over.

Remove the SD card from the camera, and insert it into your computer or laptop to enjoy your amazing Time Lapse Videos!


With Weather Resistant Housing (ATH110)

Developed TLC200&TLC200 f1.2

The Weather Resistant Housing (ATH110) allows the Time Lapse Camera f1.2 to function safely outdoors in any weather.


Optional Accessory- Brinno Reader ABR100

Brinno Reader (ABR100)

Developed OTG smart phone

Play your biking time lapse video on your smart phone *with Brinno Reader (ABR100)


Wo zu kaufen:

Brinno Bike Camera




Stichwort: Garten Kamera; Projekt Kamera; Zeitraffer-Kamera, Brinno zeitraffer, Motion-Kamera, Brinno TLC200

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