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Brinno TLC 200 Pro

A time lapse camera that will enhance your online videos with a click of a button.

The camera is really well made and has some great materials that make up the outer shell of the camera. the plastic that has been used is hard wearing and still looks brand new after using the camera heavily for the past 4 weeks.
The standard lens on the camera is good for when your first start to use this camera as it allows for a wide angle shot and has good definition and clarity. the option to add other lenses allows for more creativity and shooting options. The sensor is great and allows for filming in any lighting conditions due to the HDR settings. The camera has a simple to use system of buttons and a really simple menu system that allows full control over the what you use the camera for and how you want to set it up.

The screen on the camera is not as good a i would have liked it to be as it has a limited view/resolution but it does give a good indication of what you will be filming so fulfils its purpose. The camera is perfectly shaped and is nice and compact meaning you can place it in a safe place for long periods of time The weight on the unit is good as it keeps the camera steady when it is used on its own. plus the thread attachment on the bottom on the unit allows for a sturdy tripod connection.
The camera runs on 4 AA Batteries and has a good power consumption rate that lets the camera work for long period of time, the camera is great for making time lapse sequences for films, construction projects, conventions and any other event you want to time lapse as it is discreet and can be set up with out gathering a crowd unlike some dslrs.
The modes on the camera allows for the best possible recording settings for any situation and the way the camera compiles everything to the disk so it is ready to play when you put the SD card in to a computer means you don’t have to spend time creating the time lapse and sorting through the images as it is done in the camera.
The camera is great for beginners and experts in time lapse as it has a great setup that can be used by anyone. The camera is available for around £150 to £200 and could be seen as expensive if you take in to account that it lacks a few features that you would expect for a camera in this price range. But it gives you many options for time lapse solutions and allows for a good quality time lapse without having to worry about any extra camera gear you need.
I will be releasing some videos on my youtube channel soon with some of the time lapse footage I recorded while on holiday.  So be sure to subscribe to

so you can see some great sunset footage and what this camera can do.

Where to get it:
Main site:

I would like to thank both brinno and Trail Cameras for dealing with the blog and sending me the product to review. Both the companies have been really supportive and helped to make this review possible.
I shall be using the product for a while and will be posting an update on what it is like working with the camera in the furture.
Thanks for reading and supporting the blog










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