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It is very common to record the process of construction projects. The conventional way is expensive. Regularly hires specialized companies in this task. It installs surveillance camera or DSLR with or without WiFi and record the work that takes place daily in the construction headquarters. If more money is spent monitoring can be done remotely. Personally I prefer a solution “less luxurious” to document construction video.


You must use DSLR camera for recording construction?

The cost of a DSLR camera is one thing, but what really affects the configuration is complicated DSLR camera not to mention the time lapse video conversion.Especially it is very hard to ask a construction worker to be responsible for this task.

There is also a lifetime limit DSLR shutter . Apparently the average life of camera shutter is about 100,000 shots. hundred thousand photos looks like a large number for regular use but for a camera Time Lapse mode use this amount is nothing. An example is to take photo every minute as; 1foto x 60 min x 24 hours = 1,440 pictures per day. The shutter enters its life limit in just 69.44 days (100,000 divided by 1,440) or only two months!

My suggestion is

NO USE DSLR camera for recording under construction. It is very expensive and service company paying very difficult to set up for the workers. Above all, work only two months.

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Now there is another cheaper and easier for construction recording?

If there is instant POV cameras like GoPro or Brinno recording as an option for construction. These chambers have features like:

· Heated with waterproof housing

· Wide angle lens (> 120 degrees field of view)

· Power Input for DC (ensure long-period recording)

· Video Time lapse (you can set the camera time interval, for example a photo for every 1 minute)


GoPro however, can not use DC energy when you start your housing protectectora.Which I can solve it myself a housing estate.clip_image006

What really bothers me is the ability GoPro shots at night.

Brinno camera has excellent performance in low light photography . (Which is essential in construction headquarters Night Shot )

Comparison night recording (GoPro vs Brinno)

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Brinno Construction Chamber for not having WiFi included for construction recording is a disappointment.

There is WiFi card market Abilita Eye Fi wireless power. I have not tried with another brand of this type card.

3 Steps to abilitar the Eye Fi card WiFi + Brinno TLC200 :

Remove the SD card Original Camera TLC200 Brinno



1. DC IN via USB Micro Brinno TLC200 (Brinno Chamber claims that can last 78 days with battery, but it is better to use when connecting DC IN Eye Fi card).

Two. Download and install the latest firmware from website Brinno

Three. Set the “timer” to indicate the transmission period


Construction Take your camera with WiFi!

Video time lapse of construction:

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