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The low light recording and the image sharper at mid night 23:00, almost 0 lux

Impressive review from US Amazon

Here are the great review of the TLC200pro from USA Amazon.

“ Amazon Verified Purchase

I waited for weeks for more (than 3) reviews before finally pulling the trigger on this one. I’ve done 2 tests at different settings so far (in daylight) and it works quite well! So it’s not 1080p. So what? I found that a simple upscale in Premiere Pro with a moderate amount of sharpening fixes that.

I own a GoPro Hero 3 and had thought of using it for time lapse in the field. Unfortunately, you’ll never get the battery to last beyond 2-3 hours! And while there are plenty of external power supplies that WILL last overnight (check out the Anker Astro 3), there is the issue of either waterproofing a GoPro Skeleton Case (which you’ll need to attach external power) or modding a standard GoPro waterproof housing (e.g. drilling just the right size hole for the miniUSB plug). Plus, there’s no editing: It outputs AVIs. Very nice… So, no, it won’t blow you away. But it’s a nice toy for about the right price.  “

Pixel size is much bigger than normal camera, which is 4.2 um

brinno tlc200 pro

The light sensitivity is much bigger than GoPro Hero 2

brinno tlc200 pro

l The Dynamic range is 115dB

brinno tlc200 pro

Instant time lapse video


Optional CS mount interchangeable lens available on August

brinno tlc200 pro

Video reference :

Used lens: BCS18-55, take time lape video with Galaxy

buy from UK

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