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Why not using DSLR for time lapse videos?

  1. It’s complicated in setting up you camera : gears needed: time interval meter, extra batteries, memory cards to replace in time  (every 2hours)
  2. It’s totally crazy in video editting and post processing: We are talking about dozens G byte raw data on your memory cards  (Normally in DAYS or WEEKS)
  3. It’s killing your shutter : The average shutter life is 100,000 shots.  DSLR will be “toasted” in less than SIX DAYS ( if time interval is 5 sec)

Brinno camera made the Point and Shoot than traditional DSLR ?  Everyone can do! It’s dead EASY ! No setups,  No user interfaces for everyone.

Brinno Time lapse camera compared to DSLR: Automatic shooting ,preview and instant video sharing which is literally a Point and Shoot” .

Let the 4×4 to do the off road instead of your Ferrari. 

Create the time lapse video by proprietary Time lapse camera instead of your DSLR

Also bear in mind that the DSLR is not everything, Personally I believe the HDR is a much eaiser way to enhance your photography esp. in Time lapse videos.

The following characterizing the user behavior of the Time lapse camera:

  • Looking for Automatic time lapse camera that will dramatically enrich your online videos posts hands- off?
  • Having problems in shooting sunset or sunrise videos cuz no HDR video button on your cameras?
  • Wanna the time lapse videos for social media sharing on the spot without any Laptop post processing?

Here are some of the HDR footages from Brinno TLC200 Pro which can be done by anyone without special photography skills.

click video

Thumbnailclick video

縮圖click video

The Brinno TLC200 Pro, HDR video camera,  your “point and shoot” HDR video  dark knight!

brinno tlc200 pro

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