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The Most solid specs sheet of the HTC ONE that has attracted the most attention is the Ultra pixel camera. After we got to see the first still shots, captured with the HTC One, it’s now time to see the video camera in action.


We got a trio of videos, which were captured using the HTC One camcorder’s HDR mode, a feature which is still pretty rare to come by in smartphones. The HDR mode allows the camera to fit more dynamic range, while shooting videos, avoiding the unpleasant clipping in highlights and shadows. Granted, these videos were not shot in the best conditions to allow the HDR mode to show its full potential, but they still give some idea of the HTC One video recording capabilities.

HDR video camera

Another video

Thumbnail video

Don’t forget to stop by HTC One hands-on, where you can learn more about the smartphone’s hardware, novel UI and performance.

HTC One HDR and slow motion video samples vs normal mode comparison

2013 Computex HDR video camera,2013 Computex camera,2013 Computex HDR video camera,2013 Computex HDR video camera,2013 Computex HDR video camera,2013 Computex camera
Also: Have you tried the “Ultra Pixel” HDR time lapse camera from Brinno?

brinno tlc200 pro

bbc  A BBC News Mar, 2013 : How tiny cameras have become big business

Brinno camera touting its “ultra pixel” is even more ultra : hTC is 2.0 and Brinno is 4.2 micro Meters

htc-ultrapixel-4-600x365.jpgbrinno tlc200 pro


Video link

Video link

Thumbnail Video link

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