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You can find only three time lapse cameras in the marketplace except for those DSLR or Point to shoots from Canon or Nikon. i.e Brinno, Wingscapes and GoPro. The third one also is often regarded as the “short term” sports cam( battery life is at most 2 hours). Our review of the Brinno and Wingscapes will cover up to the camera “appearance” “batter life” and “ video quality”.


First look: Mail box vs R2D2


Viewfinder: traditional optical vs electronic screen


GUI: Mechanical gear buttons vs Color Graphical menu


Wingscapes’s optical viewfinder


Brinno TLC200’s LCD viewfinder and graphical menu


Wingscapes “Nitentendo” 80’s like operation buttons and switches ( my favorite)



Brinno rotation lens for more flexible targeting


Brinno’s versatile accessories ( Ex changeable lens, Motion sensor kit…)

Power consumption:

It’ crucial for these portable and standalone cameras to have exceptional battery life where no plug or external power available.


Capturing time for one frame:

TimeLapsecam: 17Sec. ( it’d cause the instability if time interval is less than 17 secs in theory)

TLC200: 0.8~1Sec. (It does have the potential to shoot less than 1 sec interval)

Total power need for capturing one frame:

TimeLapsecam: 5673 mW-Sec

TLC200: 140mW-Sec



TimeLapsecam: 5673 mW-Sec, So total frames is 7615

TLC200: 140mW-Sec, total frames is 308,571

(Both using 4 AA batteries with standard 2000 mA hr)

Suppose you shoot every one minute, then Wingscapes may only have 4 days of operation (from our estimation, the real number must be lower due to power management like hibernation). One of the other model from Brinno, TLC100 is doing ok which can last for 10days(the published data from Brinno). TLC200 is 83 days. Once again, Battery life is very significant for these time lapse cameras.

Video quality: Does resolution count for video footage?

Remember those 90’s camcorders or DVs from Sony? They never have any high resolution (most are 0.3 MP) but come up with great video quality.

Is 8.0MP really better than the 1.3MP in term of videos? ( not still image , 8.0MP means still photo resolution). These user upload videos (no caned videos) will bring you the true colors.

Video quality compare  (Brinno vs Wingscapes)

Brino TLC100: Video

Brinno TLC100 video (Brinno vs Wingscapes)

Wingscapes Timelapsecam: Video

Wingscapes video (Brinno vs Wingscapes)

What’s new in IFA 2013 Brinno ?


1) Low Light HDR Time Lapse Camera / TLC200 Pro


And with Brinno TLC200 Pro CS-mount interface and its interchangeable lens feature, you can always choose the suitable lenses for your needs. Now, everyone can be a professional time lapse photographer.


Galaxy time lapse video by Brinno TLC200 Pro:

2) Photo Visitor Log, the Motion Activated PeepHole Camera / PHV MAC


3) Wifi free & Wirefree Jobsite Cam, the Time Lapse Construction Camera / BCC100

Visit Brinno at IFA in Berlin, Sep 6~11, 2013
Visit us at Hall 7.2 b booth 115
More infomation about IFA 2013

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