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More and more stunning timelapse videos on the internet have been created spontaneously right directly from the so called “time lapse camera”. You do not have to buy those extra time lapse accessories like time interval, expensive Li batteries, extra expensive memory cards. In addition, Painful and CPU-demanding post processing work which has been proved the No.1 timelapse filmers killers are no more threats to most of the photographers since the introduction of the time lapse cameras.


There are, however, some professional photographers still insisting the DSLR is the only weapon. I’d say it is not the case if using wide angle lens for time lapse videos.

DSLR wide angle lens is very very expensive

What really matters? Huge Price difference in buying these wide angle f1.X lens

Many of the photographers realize that these F1.X lens are extremely high price that you can even buy another brand new DLSR.( e.g. Canon EF f/1.8, 50mm is USD95, Canon EF f1.8, 28mm is USD470, 5X higher!!)

Alternatives to wide angle DSLR

In an attempt to “justify” the “wide angel” time lapse camera in terms of those high prices DSLR + Wide angle lens, I tried two of the most popular models here: Brinno TLC200 Pro and GoPro Hero3. You will find out these cameras are really something by the amazing price/performance against f/1.X DSLR.

the test point will focus on bright environment, sunset environment and  dark environment

the bright environment; GoPro Hero3 is overexposure , TLC200 Pro make image show more detail than GoPro Hero3.


video link:

the sunset environment; GoPro Hero3 is dark, TLC200 Pro make image show more detail than GoPro Hero3.


video link:

the dark environment; GoPro Hero3 almost no detail from dark, TLC200 Pro make image show more detail than GoPro Hero3.


video link:

There is interesting point that I found at Brinno show its performance video in Galaxy envirnment, it is not only can take beatiful Milky Way, but also show impressive HDR light control than traditional DSLR. Following photo from the test video indicated TLC200PRO faced three different light condition but still clearly. If you are try to use DSLR to make time lapse, this photo will be definitely be erase as impossible to get the detail of Galaxy.


Therefore, even thought Gopro Hero 3 black edition has video size for 4K high resolution and 14MB sensor compare to brinno 720P and HDR sensor, the image quality is obvious showed its qualify rather than fat file size.

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