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fat less record day by day

Natural evolution could be a lie in America.

Non Natural Fighting against Fat is a very difficult and long term painful period. How to carrry on?

belief, doc, lost  weight consultant?  You deserve smarter opinion—-Loosing weight time lapse video.


Time lapse video used to be a tedious and post processing demanding photography but now be made easy by Brinno TLC200

Instant time lapse video can be easily created IMMEDIATELY on the CAMERA after the photo is taken periodically. No Photo converting or Stitching on you LAPTOP.   It’s an AVI file already when you open the file on the LAPTOP.


Instant time lapse video on the Brinno Camera, No Laptop required

OK. the time lapse video is automatic, perfect. But the problem is how to position your body at the center of each photo ?

The secret is the special “self portrait mirror” with the Grid. so you can always align, for example, your nose with the vertical line on the grid and align your cheek with the lowest bottom horizontal line on the grid of the mirror.


If you know how to align your face, It is easy too to align your waist or hips with the grid on the self portrait mirror.


Face Time Lapse
Record Weight Loss

Use the self-portrait mirror and
remote shutter to create your
personal visual body diary.
Keep a visual record of your
diet results or work out results.
See your body change.

Here is the attached video on “face” time lapse video by Brinno self portrait camera

Thumbnail click video

How to video

Thumbnail click video

The Brinno BFC self portrait camera bundle: Content

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