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Brinno Construction cameras Tips

Event video photography is a billion dollars business.  One of the major items is the Wedding photography


YOLO—You only live once—Not only for the wedding. It’s for every major Event Video photography.

It absolutely pays back if there are comprehensive pre planned cameras SETUP on site.

Fail to plan or plan to fail

Construction has become the most significant GDP contributors in every country. don’t believe me ? Remember the end of 2008 financial crisis which barely demonished the America you ever knew?  The origin is the subprime estate mortgages —–It’s construction …

Since the importance the construction business that I cannot agree more in stressing the correct setup Construction cameras at jobsite.

How to set up or deploy the construction cameras?

The recommended jobsite SETUP of the  Brinno construction cameras

(1) Firmware upgrade:


What you can upgarde?

What’s new

Add “Timer” function

Timer function allows you to pre-set a recording period.
( eg. 8 am – 5 pm )

Add Scene setting: Daylight & Night

Add “Over write” mode for Motion Sensor (ATM100)

Add “Specific Files” mode for Shutter Line (ATS110)

(2) The Deployment:

Overlook Cam x 4 + Crane Cam x 2 + Ground Target Cam x 2 + Motion activated Security Cam x 2


Event Video–Ask second opinion from the Point Of View Camera

Ask second opinion is always brought up when one doctor told you you only have 2 months to live. why? different diagnostic

Ask second opinion from the other umpire(1st base or 3rd base)when there is swing or not swing dispute in the baseball game, why? Different angle

Ask second opinion has been formal in tennis match( called Eagle Eye) There was a new remote robotic camera system by Nikon first adopted by British Winbledon Tennis championship.

The Eagle eye system replays to tell the truth

Nikon Robotics Used to Shoot Wimbledon From ‘Impossible Locations’ ( via PitaPixel)

This is where Nikon camera was setup( on the roof of the stadium dome)

Nikon Robotics Used to Shoot Wimbledon From Impossible Locations Nikon MRMC Robotics 1

and this is what you got from those “Impossible Locations”

This is another reason why Point Of View camera is vital

The Brinno Point Of View Camera–TLC200 Pro–World 1st POV HDR Video camera


brinno tlc200 pro
HDR video sensor
brinno tlc200 pro
Instant Video

Ultra High performane HDR video sensor, capture Time Lapse video in any light!
TLC200 Pro captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video. No converting, No stitching, No Posting, No Laptop needed

HDR powers everything…

Interchangeable Lens ( CS-Mount). Brinno own lens BCS 18-55mm f1.2 and BCS 24-70mm

“Dark Knight” rises Brinno TLC200 Pro + BCS 18-55mm f1.2

You can capture the stunning Galaxy with HANDS DOWN. enjoy your “Instant Video”.

The battery life(4 AA batteries) is 45 days , not 45 mins

Playback on site—Yes, No PC or Laptop invloved

Never miss a shot –Point of View Camera

Going anywhere, Doing anything, never complaints–POV camera

got you..

Remember, Please always ask second opinion

Party videos all the time_ Meet the Brinno Party camera

Party videos all the time_ Meet the Brinno Party camera.

Construction cameras setup_Brinno Construction cameras Tips

Construction cameras setup_Brinno Construction cameras Tips.

Who needs a 24hr Real time Monitoring Construction camera?

Who needs a 24hr Real time Monitoring Construction camera?.

Will HDR terminate the Megapixel Myth? lessons from iPhone 5C

Will HDR terminate the Megapixel Myth? lessons from iPhone 5C.

Aren’t there any Wire Free Motion Security Camera? true Long term?

Aren’t there any Wire Free Motion Security Camera? true Long term?.

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