Never miss great moments!

Why Construction management ?

–High turnover ( $$$)

–Industrial safety ( Safety is  No.1)

–Recovery and Insurance ( disaster recovery , property restoration, Insurance claims)

–Multi players (  owner/ employer/ subcontractors , employer, government, industrial safety committee)

–Rich Data  ( plan, templates, sheets, photos, videos)

There are plenty of construction project management systems or templates available. The paper sheets or electronic text data can be created, published and stored easily by current PC or Laptop. Photos were no longer a issue since the wide spread of the digital point-and-shoot cameras.

Videos are turning to be the real pains here. why ?

  • Power supply. Let’s face it – digital cameras are infamous for draining battery life.  From snapshooters to professionals, everyone dreads that little flashing red light. Sometimes there is no stable power at jobsite and you are required to move these cameras around.
  • Camera setup and frame. You need to hire the cameramen or outside company to do these. You workers with gloves on are your last choice.
  • Video editing. This is the biggest nightmare. File transfer takes HOURS everyday. let alone those video editing and post processing.
  • Video playback. It’s never ending story. Fast forward could be too slow(takes forever or too fast( miss your target). Once you find your target. The pause button may just “blur”the still image from the video(H.264 problems)
  • Video storage : too fat to store unless subcontracting a cloud service

Video storage:10 years ago

Video storage: now:

It’s no difference. All FAT files and hard to store, share and manage.

Eco Friendly videos files

Quiz: How to reduce the trash in the planet?

It’s simple–Reduce the garage in the INPUT ! ( TLC from Discovery channel)

If you create the videos in the input. You are definitively suffering from the output and everything associated with

Anything other than Videos? Too big, fat and expensive to deal with? —— YES!   time lapse videos!

Brinno TLC 200  construction camera:



Brinno camera is powered by the proprietary “Instant video“,benefits are


  • Once your video is shot, it’s actually a video and not a series of JPEGs. No stitching, no converting!
  • No more Fat video files created in the input, File management(file storage, file sharing and playback) is nice and easy
  • What you see is what you get:  No more H.264 compression “blur” on single frame
  • Play LESS while playback with motion search on Brinno’s player, Saving playback time

Some people may insist that Video is inevitable in special occasions. That’s Correct for that 1% cases. Our experience shows almost all the events at jobsite can be just recorded at no faster than 1 photo per second.

You can also add on one the accessories of the Brinno TLC200 to make it from a fixed time interval time lapse camera to a Motion activated camera to handle different situations.

i.e.  anything with movement will be picked up by the motion sensor. This can be a good fit for surveillance camera which you’d like to move from place to place (Portable)


Bonus: Can I playback the “Instant video” instantly at the jobsite? Yes, go get the Brinno ABR100 Android phone SD card player.


Time lapse video is essentially the eco-friendly way in creating, publishing and managing your construction camera videos

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