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It’s been common to hire a Construction camera service company to set up DSLR cameras, WiFi and record the construction job site daily images, perhaps a remote monitoring and Cloud storage if affordable. I’m personally preferring a much more “less luxury “way in documenting related construction site videos and images.

The #1 thinking is “Is it really necessary to record the construction site by DSLR”?

The purchase cost or rental cost is one thing. What really matters is the DSLR complicated camera setup, settings for time lapse video and it also difficult to ask the job site works to take over. So you may foot the service company bills monthly or try to train your job site people to operate the DSLR.

Learned about the limited Shutter life of DSLR? It seems that the average statistic shutter life is around 100,000 shots. 100k shots is probably a big number for ordinary photo shots but it can be “toasted” so easily by the time lapse mode. Here is a good example: taking photos every 1 min then 1×60 min x24 hrs=1,440 shots per Day, Your DSLR will just burst in 69.44 days (100,000 divided by 1,440) which is only TWO Months!

My advice is

DO NOT use DSLR for Construction camera recording. It’s too expensive to pay the service companies , too hard for the job site workers to use and can on;y work for Two months.

Lesson learned: Will you drive your Ferrari from NYC to LA?


2nd thinking: Is there any other in expensive and easy to use solutions for the Construction job site workers?

There are some rugged and Point of View cameras like GoPro or Brinno to be a smarter choices for the construction sites. These POVs are all features like

  • Rugged with water proof cases
  • Wide angel lens (>120 degrees, Field of View)
  • Default external DC power input ( ensure long term shooting)
  • Time lapse video Photography ( you can set up the camera by different Time intervals, say taking one photo every 1 minute )

GoPro is, however, little constrained by not be able to DC IN if wearing the water proof case. I can fix this by my DIY water proof box.

What consistently bothers me is the Night shots capabilities.

The Brinno camera is doing great at low light photography.( which is essential at the construction sites Night Shots)

Quick comparison in night shots ( GoPro vs Brinno)

Lessons learned: Dark Knight makes the difference to protect your properties


Brinno Construction camera for not providing WiFi for Construction job site remote monitoring was a big blemish.

It’s cool now by using the Eye Fi card–Pro X2

3 steps DIY Wifi construction camera here if using Eye Fi card + Brinno TLC200:

Ttake out the original SD card from the Brinno TLC200

Photo: WiFi Construction camera by Brinno time lapse camera TLC200!!!

  1. DC IN thru Micro USB on Brinno TLC200 ( The Brinno Camea is said to live up to 78 days by batteries but insert your DC IN if using with Eye Fi card)
  2. Download and Upgrade the latest Firmware from Brinno web site ( 1.02.3 or later for TLC200 and TLC200 f1.2 including BCC 100) (  version 1.01.4 or later for TLC200 Pro)
  3. Set up the “timer” to specify your transmission period


More detailed info?

Enjoy your Job site workers DIY Wi Fi Construction cameras!

Construction time lapse video:

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Comments on: "Construction WiFi camera by EyeFi Pro X2 and Brinno camera" (12)

  1. Hello! Im curious about Brinno with an eye-fi card. Would it be possible to set it up with, say a DSL Modem and a Apple Airport Time Capsule to have it download to the hard drive in there? Ultimately being able to download the images from home without having to make the trip to the construction site?

  2. Well, for really long term projects, no one will take a picture avery minute. If your interval is like every 10 minutes, you have a 20 months camera life. And hi quality res images, also you can choose between diferent lenses.

  3. Hi, sorry if I missed a thing but am curious how far can eyefi card broadcast the sign? How close or far can the wifi router be from the Brinno/eyefi combo? thanx!

  4. Mark Davies said:

    When can the eye-fi download? eye-fi works by knowing when files are complete, correct? so does the camera complete a file at the end of each day, or does it keep the file open (like it does when the timer is not set)?

  5. Chris Weiss said:

    Hi, I have the new Brinno TLC 200 pro and I just purchased a Eye-Fi Mobi PRO but I cannot get it to connect every time to my PC

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