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Traditional surveillance camera is expensive?

Installation cost is high

Here are some statistics of the installation cost

What would be the cost of installing two security cameras? in UK

the cost is around £259.

Or you can have the real time online Cost from Home advisor :

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Surveillance Camera?

Ans: The average is $1,450–1,882 for two cameras

and installation fee is

  • Installation fees of four hours with licensed electrician: Between $260 and $340.

Maintenance fee is high

The installation fee is around 20-30% of the total cost of setup. Some people may assume that it’s no big deal but they should realize this is only the 1st time installation, one time charge. There are, however, more extra and unexpected cost like annual maintenance, weather damage, animals’ destruction ( squirrel, rats, home pets), and cables’ life cycle. The cost of maintaining outdoors cables or junctions are very high ( keeping a boat is the same thing…). The most difficult part is the cable connectors or junctions, jacks. and there are always cables on surveillance cam

The Docoration cost is amazing

The largest one I believe is the “interior decoration” to cover up the cables  the minimum decoration charge is at least 2,000 and no upper limit. The demanding of installation free security camera is of course surging….

The real challenge is the decoration cost to “hide” the cables on the camera—very expensive

Wire Fee and 100% DIY surveillance camera is the next

The Brinno Time Lapse Motion Camera BMC100 takes photos at user defined intervals and automatically converts them into Time Lapse videos in the Camera! The Motion Sensor accessory(ATM100) tells it when to begin taking photos.



What is Thin file?

The instant time lapse video is “thin file” without compressed or decompressed . It’s a small file right in the beginning. so it is easier to store,  faster to playback and zero file converting and again you save the big $ on DVR or Network-attached storage (NAS) devices or the latest Cloud service charge.

It’s portable too for 100 % DIY relocating the security cam because of the long lasting power with wire free setup from the Brinno TLC200 camera.

World longest Wire Free power saving–Low power leadership

>2 1/2 months of battery life either in Fix time interval or Motion triggered mode

Meanwhile, Brinno TLC200 f1.2 powered by f1.2 is very big aperture for low light photography and 140 degree huge Field of View.

Brinno MOTION CAM BUNDLE elegantly camera Wall Mount included.Brinno MOTION CAM BUNDLE

Very flexible in Wall Mount installtion


Where you might use the Brinno Motion camera?

  • Front door Daily Image Visitor Log  (wire free, no installation fee, no decoration fee )

  • Reception registrations
  • Small Shops with no broadband leasing

Brinno Motion camera bundle is a fantastic Shop Security camera
click video

  • Renting a apartment (temporary security camera without the spending the installation fee)


  • Parking surveillance cam for pickup truck.

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