Never miss great moments!

It’s always never too late to have a new mindset and use a better gizmo

You Deserve something  Easierer ,Thinner  and  Longer Construction camera

  • easy to use and setup with gloves on
  • More than HD and not just Mega Pixels–> Low Light
  • Rugged
  • Endurable
  • Post Free
  • Versatile “Mounts”

It’s never been easy with gloves on

The Size :GoPro Hero 3 vs Brinno TLC200

What’s “Instant Video”?–   Brinno Construction camera captures and
converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video instantly and automatically on the camera, No Laptop required


(1) Post Free ( No convertion, No stitching, No Post effects ( Deflickr…..)

(2) Much Thinner file compared to normal video files and no H.264 compressed loss on image quality

(2) Instant Playback ( thin file) on the Android Phone

(3) Social medias Sharable at the job site ( Facebook or Twitter right away)

(4) Quick Search by Brinno Player’s “motion search”

You can capture the entire construction project HANDS DOWN. enjoy your “Instant Video”.

Playback on site—Yes, No PC or Laptop invloved–Instant Video on Android phone

The battery life(4 AA batteries) is 78 days , not 78 mins

Mounts have been a big challenge at the construction job site.

sometimes you need more than one

The mounts included in the Brinno construction camera bundle


Showcase your unique panorama for effective online advertising.

360 degree Panorama video + Night shots

Thumbnail click video

Forget about low resolution and poor night image capability of commercially available webcams – Footage displays every detail of your project without loss of quality even at dark night.

—- The GoPro Hero 3 Black vs Brinno TLC200 Pro in Night Shots. low light capability

Thumbnail click Video

For those IR fans, The IR video

Thumbnail click video
Anything is possible and feasible at the jobsite with the Construction camera

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