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The successful Event video

Why spend months and months planning, organizing and implementing your event and not capture any of it?! Video has fast become the way to share information. No reason why this can’t be applied to create a vibrant highlights movie of your awards ceremony.

Roaming cameras can capture great footage throughout the event, including any interviews with sponsors/guests/winners, and create a fabulous post event highlights video for you to share on your website, or use as promotional tools to secure those all important sponsors for future years…or simply as a record of your hard work!

In Conclusion

To whom it may concerns

Obviously, there’s a lot more to planning an event than these tips and when the time comes to start thinking about planning the live event itself, do consider the level of impact you want to create for your guests so you can apply these pointers.

Tutorials for a next best event and a better partnerships!

And remember…however good your event is this time round, you’ll need to better it for next year! These videos could be very instructive and informative for anyone involved.  Ensure you have the right teams and suppliers around you to move forward. Take time to create these partnerships and the rest will slot into place.

What’s B-roll and why is it so significant?

  • B- roll

  1. Web definitions

    1. B-roll, B roll, or Broll is supplemental or alternate footage intercut with the main shot in an interview or documentary.

One real limitation is the limited resources to shoot the b-rolls —limited photographers, not enough time for site tour in advance, no space available in the right spot and the worse part—running out battery and no time for replacing….

The gadget

Who would have thought that such a simple and tiny camera can have such a profound effect on the level of Event videos in our lives? Catch the setup in the first 30 seconds, the beauty of the HDR time lapse videos unfolding,

The perfect moment sometime that had me a bit choked up, and the best takeaway from it all at . introducing the Brinno TLC200 Pro

The Size:GoPro Hero 3 vs Brinno TLC200 Pro

The coolest thing is this Brinno TLC200 Pro runs FOREVER with 4 AA batteries. it can last for WEEKS than HOURS as most DV or camcorders do.

Another powerful sword is the HDR. Many people assume that the Real time HDR video is the “closer” for any event. Why?

Because you can playback on the spot….no converting , no posting and no laptop required

With the Panning accesssory: the Panning accessory and the basis for the Hyper lapse too

brinno bpc100brinno bpc100

These handy footages are your great source of B rolls too and they are either from Low angel to High angle as the highly flexible Point-Of-View cameras (POV) do.

super High angle: I will never stay up so high during the whole event

Low angle and low light environment: thanks to HDR

New approach: Self portrait camera. In case some people are boring

I am the spider man, I can be anywhere and water proof, Rugged too

I am invincible too

Video (1) The photography Contest Event video

Video (2)The Films Premiere Event video:

Video (3) The TV commercial

Video (4) The flexible interchangeable Lens (CS-Mount)

Video (5)The Amazing Night Shots

Video (6) Expo or Trade show Event videos

After all these tips, Your event videos will never be the same….even by your smartphone cameras

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