Never miss great moments!

What High Mega pixel camera get my construction camera job done?

I’d rather jump to a more fundamental aspect—Are there any easy to use Mounts for the job site works? or step further Are your construction camera easy to use while  job site worker with gloves on?

gloves on gloves

More key features need to be brought up for a better construction camera except for stupid gloves

  • Long lasting battery life
  • Adult size buttons
  • Wiring Free cameras setup &  DIY deployable
  • Instant videos without post processing
  • Wifi enabled

Only 3 buttons and Adult size , you cannot miss…Never miss the buttons!

Long term outdoors wire free use guaranteed

There are many unexpected at job site mostly is the unstable power supply.

Brinno construction camera (BCC 100) is powered by super long term battery technology which may last for 78 days for ordinary standard 4 x AA alkaline batteries.

In addition, you may live up to 230 days if powered by Energizer Lithium batteries if necessary

No more “wiring” for your Cameras setup and file DVR

Installing a traditional DVR system for a bunch of construction cameras? No kidding, most DVR system produce tons of FAT video files, and those FAT video files are too big to store and too diffcult to playback! The Brinno Construction Camera provides a whole new FAST PLAYBACK concept for you to EASY playback job site  videos, automatically converting thousands images into several time lapse videos simply on your camera. You have never found so dead EZ in saving lots time to document whole day activity!

What is FAT files and how crazy fat it is?

IHS reports that security cameras produce 451 Petabytes, that’s 451,000 Terabytes of data every day!

How much data is in 413PB?

  • It’s enough to fill 92.1 million single-sided, single-layer DVDs.
  • It’s four times the amount of photo and video data stored on Facebook as of February 2012.
  • It is also equal to the information produced in just one day by all the new video surveillance cameras installed worldwide in 2013.

Global Forecast of Data Generated Daily
by Surveillance Cameras Shipped in a Year

(in petabytes)
ihs,Video Surveillance Cameras
(Source: IHS Inc., October 2013)

One of the most hardest things in your entire lifetime is “Weight Loss”, so is your storage videos.

tlc200f1.2on the spot!!   No stitching or manual post processing!!

So you minimize the file size in the very beginning, and make your life easier while playback later

Be there even when you are not

Perfectly coupled by Eye Fi SD card with the Brinno Construction camras and amazingly offhand hands-on

More detailed info?

Enjoy your Job site workers DIY Wi Fi Construction cameras!

Construction time lapse video:

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