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The Brinno TLC200 PRO is the best standalone,time-lapse camera I have worked with in my long career as a commercial landscape photographer. With itsbuilt-in LCD, easy to navigate menu, adult sized buttons,incredible battery life, changeable lenses and unique HDR recording capabilities, I consider it the “best of breed” and my camera of choice for any time-lapse situation. Job well done Brinno!

Rick Braveheart, Landscape Photographer from Amazon


Whether you want to record a slowly changing scene at a much faster pace and can open up a whole new world of photography to you, e.g. flowers blooming, sunset or moonrise, landscape, construction long term process and more time consuming activities. Brinno is here to help.

Brinno new TLC200PRO has superior technology in power saving and it’s instant HDR time laps video specially which makes time lapses as easy as using a point-and-shoot camera by pushing one button for maximum 45days recording in 4AA batteries(1 snapshoot/min). After camera shooting stop, the TLC200 Pro automatically compresses the time lapse into a single clip. So, it’s not a series of JPEGs. There is no stitching and no converting!



With high performance built in large high dynamic range (HDR) 115dB sensor, even against strong light or stay in low light Galaxy scene you can take beautiful time lapse result in hand free. And with Brinno TLC200 Pro CS-mount interface and its interchangeable lens feature, you can always choose the suitable lenses for your needs. Now, everyone can be a professional time lapse photographer.


Youtube video link: 


The Size:  GoPro vs Brinno vs Sony


The Video quality : GoPro Hero3 BlackEdition vs. Brinno TLC200 Pro

the test point will focus on bright environment, sunset environment and  dark environment

the bright environment; GoPro Hero3 is overexposure , TLC200 Pro make image show more detail than GoPro Hero3.


Video from Youtube

the sunset environment; GoPro Hero3 is dark, TLC200 Pro make image show more detail than GoPro Hero3.


Video from Youtube

the dark environment; GoPro Hero3 almost no detail from dark, TLC200 Pro make image show more detail than GoPro Hero3.


Video from Youtube

There is interesting point that I found at Brinno show its performance video in Galaxy envirnment, it is not only can take beatiful Milky Way, but also show impressive HDR light control than traditional DSLR. Following photo from the test video indicated TLC200PRO faced three different light condition but still clearly. If you are try to use DSLR to make time lapse, this photo will be definitely be erase as impossible to get the detail of Galaxy.


Video from Youtube

Therefore, even thought Gopro Hero 3 black edition has video size for 4K high resolution and 14MB sensor compare to brinno 720P and HDR sensor, the image quality is obvious showed its qualify rather than fat file size


The Video quality : Sony HDR AS15 vs Brinno TLC200 Pro

The following video shows more comparison in  Daytime, Night time, various Time interval in time lapse mode and video mode as well


image Youtube video link

Article from

About Brinno

In addition to this business Brinno has developed extraordinary Imaging processing core competence and combined it with unique designs to produce affordable, ultra low power Cameras. Brinno is now among the world leaders in image processing and power saving technology, and specializes in producing long lasting battery powered autonomous photography appliances. For more information, here is their website:

Want to learn more, don’t miss Brinno new time lapse camera at Frontier booth No. 109 in PHOTO&FILM EXPO.

where to buy in South Africa:

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