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    Social Media Sharing Can’t wait

    Wondering why ARM took the world by storm while INTEL was definitely the dominant player in PC Laptop industry?

    Wondering why Samsung LCD TV took the world by storm while Sony Trinitron CRT TV was still much better in image quality less than decade ago?

    It’s simply because–End user need something Mobile, Portable and Long Lasting in battery. It’s a paradigm shift.

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    The Early bird catches the worm–Who is the first one to publish the EVENT VIDEO on line?

    By now, we can all agree about the power of social media. There are so many amazing and fascinating angles about social media’s emergence and influence that it’s almost impossible to list.

    Among the most impressive is probably the speed at which social media happens, and what can be accomplished within a minute. That’s right, a lot happens in social media every 60 seconds.

    The Early bird catches even the ATTENTION–hit the bull’s eye

  • Every minute, 72 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube

  • Every minute, 2,000,000 searches happen on Google

  • Every minute, 278,000 tweets are published

here’s no easy answer, but if you are a digital marketer or PR practitioner struggling to sell the benefits of the “Instant Video” to your company or client, it’s good to know these stats and repeat them often. –

HANDS DOWN. enjoy your “Instant Video” by Brinno Event Video Camera. and

The Brinno Instant Video

Social Media Sharing on your phone on site.  No PC, No back Home

The key theme here: Your clients and the majority of your social media readers are expecting SPEED in Social Media.

Very Low Angle and almost invincible on the stage with 360 degrees Pan time lapse

super High angle: I will never stay up so high during the whole event

Low angle and low light environment: HDR makes the Brinno Event video camera 100% Back light  Immunable

can be anywhere and water proof, Rugged too. The killer app is you can set the “TIMER” .

You may go to the Event site 2 hrs earlier to setup the Brinno camera at some “impossible locations” at the wake up schedule as you specified. And you will be able to enjoy the videos before back home

It can be a motion activated as well

The Brinno Event Video Camera unboxing:

So, what is needed here, is not questioning the technology based change. Its role in un debatable.

What is needed is a complete paradigm shift in our thinking that would give a new interpretation to the accountability of the Event Video on-the-go!!!



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