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Why manufactured homes?
Prefabrication is not new. This is even decades manufactured homes are there.

Greener, Faster, Smarter

Manufactured homes are built in a flexible manner, based on a system that allows a high level of design and craftsmanship, and control costs by eliminating surprises. The mobile home has revolutionized functional housing that is affordable. Moreover, modular homes at the time were incredibly inefficient compared to current construction processes on one site, which may deplete more than 30% of construction materials. Some modern manufacturing systems reduce losses of nearly 50%, compared to homes built on site.

California Construction Law 2013

Once a buyer has determined the design of their choice, the company says the execution of most of the major construction – if not all – in factories, where large parts of the manufactured home (walls, beams, floors, etc.) are assembled. The plant carries these prefabricated elements to the construction site, where the assembly is done quickly – often it’s a matter of days.
With the camera built Brinno, video timelapse construction will more than ever easy.

Brinno TLC100 timelapse camera

Brinno TLC100 timelapse camera

Target to aim configured time interval Waiting … Watch the timelapse video

1. Determining the time interval

2. Insert a USB flash drive

3. Enable to film

The camera construction is 100% Brinno to install itself, regarding the configuration for the photo and the final collection of videos in many phases of construction:

Turning / configureation

Housing / landscaping

Home Decor


Now the landscaping process or plant growth is just as easy to reap the information.

The camera construction Brinno is also a great choice for the area of ​​traditional construction.

Construction camera Brinno


The camera construction Brinno is the easiest to shoot any construction project basis. Install it and forget it. You get a timelapse video recorded at a frequency of your choice, once the project is finished, you watch the video at the pace you want.

Wireless tool Long Instant Video

Fully utilize videos of construction contract management is a much more effective approach

Click video

Ckick Video

The Brinno camera really does wonders – autonomy 78 days taking pictures constantly

Never miss any shot!

where to buy


South Africa

United Arab Emirates





United Kingdom



About Brinno
In addition to this extraordinary company Brinno Imaging processing core competencies developed and combined with unique designs to produce affordable, ultra low-power devices. Brinno is now one of the world’s leading imaging and energy-saving technology, and specializes in sustainable production aircraft batteries self photos. For more information, here is their website:
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