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The Demolition of the Building Act may require following works: 

  • To weatherproof any surfaces of an adjacent building that are exposed by the demolition.
  • To repair and make good any damage to an adjacent building caused by the demolition or by the negligent act or omission of any person engaged in it.
  • To remove material or rubbish resulting from the demolition and clearance of the site.
  • To disconnect and seal, at such points as the local authority may reasonably require, any sewer or drain in or under the building.
  • To remove any such sewer or drain, and seal any sewer or drain with which the sewer or drain to be removed is connected.
  • To make good to the satisfaction of the local authority the surface of the ground disturbed by anything done under paragraphs e) or f) above.
  • To make arrangements with the relevant statutory undertakers for the disconnection of the supply of gas, electricity and water to the building.
  • To make such arrangements with regard to the burning of structures or materials on the site as may be reasonably required:
  • if the building is or forms part of special premises, by the Health and Safety Executive and the fire authority, and in any other case, by the fire authority, and
  • To take such steps relating to the conditions subject to which the demolition is to be undertaken, and the condition in which the site is to be left on completion of the demolition, as the local authority may consider reasonably necessary for the protection of the public and the preservation of public amenity.

Why using Brinno time lapse camera instead of DSLR or time lapse Apps on i phone?

The limited DSLR shutter life:–>
1 min a photo for 10 days will cost you 14,400 shots! Supposed DSLR life 100,000 shots only. i.e 8 times of 10 days time lapse shooting then you are completely toasted!! think about this:Will you drive your Ferrari from LA to New York? 2,400 mi or 4,000 km? you can but you won’t.


Extra batteries, cards and the interval are needed to prepared. then you probably need to wake up at mid night to replace the batteries and SD cards. Unless you were James Cameron’s dive in Mariana trench then go ahead DSLR for your historical deepest time lapse video. Use DSLR for time lapseforyour lifetime shot.
Reason2: Why not time lapse apps on the smartphone?
It won’t last for half a day with camera on. The other issue is you simply cannot use you phone for shooting many hours time lapse only without moving around. And how about your facebook?
We also make a digital timer that allows you to specify how many hours to shoot for on each day. For example, you might program it to shoot for six hours. Once you start it the first day, it will allow the time lapse camera Brinno Construction Camera to shoot for six hours, starting at the same time each day.
Recording the progress of construction? We have prepared a small motion jpeg (AVI) movie of two days at the job site that you can view. Click to see the movie.


special features:
Battery powered and very long lasting power
Portable ALL in one
One button operation
long term time lapse camera Brinno Construction Camera–Long lasting for 4 months
HD high quality images videos, as we mentioned above–Use the all in one and outdoors one with long term battery powered. If using DSLR + Time interval, it’s not water proof and trully vulnerable at outdoor

where to buy

United Kingdom

AV 10


GLI cameras



Wright Tech Ltd
Wright Tech Ltd


South Africa

Frontier Electronics



Al Tawakol Electrical Co. (Gila)
Al Tawakol Electrical Co. (Gila)


About Brinno
In addition to this extraordinary company Brinno Imaging processing core competencies developed and combined with unique designs to produce affordable, ultra low-power devices. Brinno is now one of the world’s leading imaging and energy-saving technology, and specializes in sustainable production aircraft batteries self photos. For more information, here is their website:
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Brinnos Facebook:

Reference Article

Tag: Zeitraffer Kamera, laps de temps, caméra de construction; Konstruktions Kamera; Brinno TLC200Pro caméra vidéo HDR;bike camera; fahrrad kamera; Cámara Ciclismo;Дверной видеоглазок является электронным,Zeitraffer Kamera, ronden de temps, camera de bouw; Konstruktions Kamera; Brinno TLC200Pro Camera Video HDR; fiets camera, fahrrad kamera, Cámara Ciclismo; Дверной видеоглазок является электронным; STAVEBNÍCH KAMER Zeitraffer-Kamera TLC200 | Mit der Zeitraffer-Kamera TLC200 erleben Sie auf einfache Weise die Faszination Zeitraffer. Führen Sie die Regie in Ihrem eigenen Zeitrafferfilm, egal ob Tier- und Pflanzenbeobachtung, Baustelle, Wetterbeobachtung, Überwachung, Sport, Spiel- und Trainingsauswertung und viele weitere Einsatzmöglichkeiten bis hin zum Stop Motion Trickfilm mit Figuren oder Fahrzeugen. Die Zeitraffer-Kamera nimmt automatisch Bilder in einstellbaren Zeitintervallen auf und konvertiert diese Bilder zu einem hochauflösenden HD-Video um. Somit können Sie Ihr Video ohne großen Aufwand sofort betrachten oder Freuenden vorführen. Mit dem schwenkbaren Objektiv ist eine flexible und optimale Aufnahme möglich. Das integrierte Farb-Display ermöglicht ein perfektes ausrichten und kontrollieren der Aufnahmen. | Kamera erzeugt automatisch HD-VideoZeitintervall von 1 s bis 24 h einstellbarObjektiv 120° schwenkbar | Timelapsecamera |


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