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This is a good review from US, the user do his review of the Brinno TLC200 Pro Time Lapse camera for some time. However, he just ran across this excellent and very detailed review by Lon Seidman.

In his opinion, this review is a great introduction to one of the time lapse cameras he use for many of my projects.

brinno tlc200 pro

At the 4:30 mark Lon is critical of the preview screen, I do agree to some extent, but I personally feel the preview screen does what it is intended for, framing your shot. If you are having fun with the camera the screen is adequate. If I have a paying job, I typically view a quick test clip on a laptop just to make certain the video is framed and exposed correctly.

brinno tlc200 pro

brinno tlc200 pro

Additional notes from my perspective.

– The Micro USB port can be used to provide an external power supply to the camera.

– Depending on the shooting interval AA batteries can power the camera for a month or longer. My typical long term construction projects are shot with one frame every 10 or 15 minutes.

brinno tlc200 pro

Where to buy 

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