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As a contractor, taking photos of your job site won’t simply make for a better work portfolio. Construction Time Lapse Video can make your job run more efficiently, help you monitor subcontractor work, and possibly even insure you against future legal claims. And, okay, you’ll also end up with a stunning portfolio of your past projects


You don’t need a professional photographer or pricey equipment to create a complete and compelling record of your job site’s progress. A bit of advance planning and a camera—even a full-featured point-and-shoot like the Brinno Construction Site Camera—are really all you need to get started. Read on to find out why you should document your job site and how to capture the best shots.


Why Take Construction Time Lapse Video?

To showcase your work. There’s no better way to line up your next job than to show stunning Time Lapse Video of your past work. Just be sure to get the permission of the homeowner: Even if the Time Lapse Video are legally yours to use, you still want to maintain a good relationship with your client for reference and referral purposes.


To document dates. Unfortunately, an important reason to take Time Lapse Video during a construction project is to cover yourself in case of a dispute. Having Time Lapse Video with digital date stamps can help you to prove that the schedule was met.

To protect against claims. A subcontractor sometimes works within a vacuum, performing his or her part of the project alone and then stepping out when finished. Having Time Lapse Video of how the work looked when you finished your part of the project could prove invaluable should damage be caused by a subsequent work crew.


To record details. A photographic record can help save time and money should repairs become necessary. For instance, for a plumbing contractor who gets called back to a job site to repair a leaky pipe, Time Lapse Video of construction progress can help to quickly pinpoint the likely leak source without punching unnecessary holes in finished walls.

brinno tlc200 pro

For the head office. Not every decision-maker in a construction project can be found on-site wearing a hardhat. Site  Time Lapse Video can be a big time-saver when change orders or other decisions need to be approved by someone back at the office.


Construction Time Lapse Video isn’t beneficial only for construction professionals. As a home or business owner, you may also want to document the project for many of the same reasons that your contractors would. You’ll be glad to have your own photographic evidence should a claim arise (from either side). And if nothing else, you’ll have an interesting keepsake documenting the build of your home or office.

Tips for Better Site Brinno Construction Time Lapse Video


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