Never miss great moments!

The Brinno Motion Activated Camera (MAC 200) is a battery powered, motion activated security camera.anywhere anytime. Brinno’ new Hybrid Mode® provides 10 X’s the Outlook Range.

The dual functionality of a fixed capture interval + Motion Activation provides you with an unprecedented Portable level of Protection. Brinno’ exceptional power saving technology, provides super long lasting standby time, combined with Rapid Wake Up functionality. You will never miss a shot!

Font side

PIR sensor – the left side

LED – Middle 

Camera Lens – the right side 

Back side 

The MAC200 has design for wall mount, Rubber Strap 

Tree Strap

2 ways to secure camera safety

brinno mac200

Time interval setting 

Capture mode 

Brinno’s new Hybrid Mode ®

Preset time settings to take photos (Fixed capture rate)+ Flexible Motion Activation for video capture, provides unprecedented dual protection.

Video link from Youtube 

About Brinno

In addition to this business Brinno has developed extraordinary Imaging processing core competence and combined it with unique designs to produce affordable, ultra low power Cameras. Brinno is now among the world leaders in image processing and power saving technology, and specializes in producing long lasting battery powered autonomous photography appliances. For more information, here is their website: 

Where to buy 


Argol LTD


Al Tawakol Electrical Co. (Gila)


Al qundus


Abushaqdam for Security Doors

South Africa



United Arab Emirates


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