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The most important characteristic of an Outdoors Security Cameras is the quality of the images it produces. Look for an Outdoors Security Cameras with a wide field of view. The field of view
measures, in degrees, how wide of an angle the camera lens will capture. Because 50 degrees is the standard field of view for an Outdoors Security Cameras camera, anything above 50 degrees is excellent.


Outdoors Security Cameras use infrared technology to detect movement and take a picture or video. The detection circuit of a trail camera is defined by three factors: detection zone, trigger
speed and recovery time. Look for cameras with time-lapse mode. This feature means, regardless of motion, the camera will take a picture at a set time interval. Time-lapse mode is especially useful to get a clear picture of something movement patterns during the day. If a thing is outside of your detection zone, your camera won’t know to trigger a picture or video.
Time-lapse mode will trigger a picture or video based on time, not movement, so you may capture images of animals who are outside your cameras detection zone, and thus would not be captured in standard mode.
Outdoors Security Cameras don’t differ wildly in size; they’re all relatively small electronics. An average trail camera is about 5 inches tall, 4 inches wide and 3 inches deep. A camouflage case is important, because you don’t want the thing to notice the

brinno mac200

There are many Outdoors Security Cameras on the market, and it can be confusing to separate the important features from the features that are only included for marketing reasons. To help you sort through the clutter and make the best decision, we analyzed trail cameras based on the following criteria.

Image Quality

Outdoors Security Cameras take full-color pictures and videos during the day, but at night, they use infrared flash technology to capture black and white images. To the human or animal eye, an infrared flash looks like a brief red glow.

Look for a camera with an infrared flash range of at least 70 feet. This ensures that your flash will be able to illuminate any animal whose movements trigger the camera. Resolution is also an important factor. Look for a camera with at least an 8-megapixel picture resolution. A high resolution will give you the ability to zoom in on your pictures after you’ve taken them.


Detection Circuit

Detection zone is the area in which the camera can detect movement. It is made up of the camera’s detection range and detection angle. Look for a camera with a detection range of at least 50 feet. A camera with a strong detection range will be able to pick up movement even if it’s not in the perfect spot.

Detection angle refers to the width of the detection zone. Most Outdoors Security Cameras detection angles are identical to their field of view. Just like the field of view, 50 degrees is the standard width of a detection angle, so anything above that is excellent.

Trigger speed is the time between the camera detecting movement and taking the picture or video. This is important because if an animal is running past your camera, you need a quick trigger to capture it while it’s in the camera’s field of view. Outdoors Security Cameras should have a trigger speed of less than a second so that they get as much of the animal as possible in the shot.

Recovery time is a measurement of how long after it takes a shot the camera will be ready to sense movement again. The best Outdoors Security Cameras have a recovery time of under five seconds. Also, look for a camera with a multi-shot mode, which means it can shoot multiple images for every motion trigger. This will give you the maximum number of images for each
trigger and raise the odds of you getting a perfect photo of an animal near your camera.

Power Saving

If you get a large capacity memory card with Good Power saving Outdoors Security Cameras, you could leave Outdoors Security Cameras in the woods for a year or longer without doing any maintenance on it.

brinno mac200

Brinno’s MAC200 – Motion Activated Camera provides a whole new FAST/EASY PLAYBACK concept for you to EASILY review videos, as it automatically converts thousands of images into time lapse videos. This makes reviewing your videos easy and quick!

brinno mac200

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