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OCAMS Mural Time-lapse & Pictures

螢幕截圖 2015-04-14 14.43.35

Scroll down for pictures!

9/11/14 – The initial time-lapse concept with 3 cameras.
Center: Brinno TLC200 Pro, a stand-alone, specialized time-lapse camera.
Left and Right: Canon A-470, point and shoot cameras running CHDK scripts.
The Brinno runs off 4-AA batteries continuously for over a month, but is limited to 720p resolution.
The Canon cameras provide much higher resolution, but require an external power source.

9/15/14 – The cameras will be set up in the middle of a parking lot on a light pole, where power options are limited.
A solar panel, battery, and solar charging circuit was added, but the power draw was too high for sustained operation.
Ultimately, only the Brinno camera was used.

9/21/14 – Homemade quick release bracket and large hose clamp to mount to light pole.
The bracket allows the camera to be removed from the pole to download images and change batteries.

9/21/14 – The Brinno camera fits nicely inside a soda can with the top cut off with tin snips and deburred.
The battery door can be opened, allowing the batteries to be replaced without disturbing the mount.
With shutters cut out and bent open, the can slides nicely and securely over the camera.

9/22/14 – Camera mounted on light pole, covered.
The white can keeps the sun and most rain off the camera, especially the LCD and buttons.
The shrink tubing over the hose clamp matches the pole color and protects the paint.

9/22/14 – Camera mounted to pole.
It is located on the north-east side of the pole which shades it from the afternoon sun, and from view from the street.

9/22/14 – Camera mounted to pole from afar. (Below and left of A Mountain)

9/22/14 – Camera pointing at wall, uncovered.

9/22/14 – Camera pointing at wall, covered.

9/5/14 – First picture of the Drake building west wall.

9/15/14 – Antenna removed from the wall.

9/22/14 – Wall with scaffolding up.

9/24/14 – Time-lapse started.

9/25/14 – Scaffolding at sunset.

9/27/14 – Old, loose paint removed.

9/30/14 – White base coat of paint.

10/2/14 – Painting base orange coat.

10/7/14 – Initial sketches.

10/8/14 – Raining!

10/13/14 – Moonrise over building at night.

10/15/14 – Squiggly sun rays and lens flare.

10/15/14 – Color paint applied.

10/16/14 – Black paint started.

10/17/14 – More black paint.

10/19/14 – Dark clouds.

10/19/14 – Raining.

10/21/14 – Crescent moon rising over building in morning twilight.

10/22/14 – Mural in the morning.

10/31/14 – Latest status of mural painting.

Phoenix Mars Mission Mural 2006 on south wall of Drake building.
Can’t wait for the OSIRIS-REx Bennu Mission Mural 2014!

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