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Sadly to hear the bad news of Crane Crash at Grand Mosque today!
“EDDAH: Investigators of the Grand Mosque crane crash have achieved a major breakthrough and those responsible for the incident will be put on trial, local media reported on Sunday. 

Among those questioned were engineers and project managers. The engineering department of the General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques will also have to submit a report on the crane, sources were quoted as saying. The crash, days before the Haj season began this year, claimed 111 lives and injured 238.”

Crane crash probe enters final stage

Source from:

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Brinno camera instant video

The Brinno Construction site Camera will record for months on its 4 AA batteries, while saving your Time Lapse Video to the SD Card. No stitching thousands of frames together in post processing. Anyone can now create High Definition Time Lapse Videos, any time, any place

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About Brinno

In addition to this business Brinno has developed extraordinary Imaging processing core competence and combined it with unique designs to produce affordable, ultra low power Cameras. Brinno is now among the world leaders in image processing and power saving technology, and specializes in producing long lasting battery powered autonomous photography appliances. For more information, here is their website:

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