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Using Brinno TLC130 to Produce an Unique “Creative ID”

Cheng Chih-Te shares an experience of painting Jiufen with time lapse camera.

Explore oil paintings and multimedia features about the exhibitions. Simply start with basic thinking: how to create a completed landscape or cityscape painting from start to finish? How to refine their ideas using sketches and drawings? How to create a useful under painting as a foundation for subsequent layering of color?

Nowadays many artists make time lapse video primarily to record their projects and document the work process. Using time lapse videos with DSLR, it will typically be dealing with thousands of photos, the import can take a bit of time and creating the compound clip even longer. Spend more time on post processing, more money on processing software. However, Brinno TLC130 is giving a new way to capture time lapse video. Hassle-free to shoot time lapse video in full HD resolution anytime, anywhere. Simply turn it on, frame your subject, leave it for recording, and collect your video for instant sharing and editing via Brinno mobile app. Painting technique, linear and atmospheric perspective, color theory, as well as concept. The process of bringing their picture to a unified finish with all the desired effects and relevant details.

QR code for watching the process of painting
Creative ID for video of Jiufen painting time lapse.

In order to bring painting back to reality, Cheng Chih-Te captures his Jiufen painting with Brinno TLC130 to record and share it with people who visit the gallery. “I wanted to show people and the world the story behind the creation of painting for that fact. ” Cheng Chih-Te said. Generate a QR code to have a specific “CREATIVE ID” for every unique masterpiece. Simply scan QR code from phone to watch time lapse video of showing the process of this painting. It is important for artists to emphasize that each step and detail can be recorded in sequence at any stage throughout the working process. A time-lapse caught all of the action so people would not miss out on his giving Jiufen a new vitality of power, and an enrichment of cultural landscape. But not just how it’s created such as the tiles being laid, or the walls painted. I wanted to go deeper and back further. I wanted to go to the beginning – where the real art happens. In the art of the creation of the actual ‘thing’, created by the artisans themselves. The combinations are endless, but the basic idea is to combine and layer materials to create unique works.

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