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Food security: When Agriculture meet Brinno Time Lapse Camera

Food in security, is a situation of “limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways”, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Visibility documentary like Brinno Time Lapse Photograph is the key to buyer confidence and transparent relationships with any size of holders to achieve global food security. Time Lapse Solution provider like Brinno has new released significant interview with Agriculture company: LimGroup from Netherlands.

Agriculture interview



Why use Brinno Time Lapse Camera?
*Simple operation

Brinno camera operation
*Enhance visibility: Show off your work

*Ensures Compliance and Safety: Secure growing environment maintain fit social acceptable way.

*Agriculture Observation for experiment: Increased insight along the supply chain reveals any vulnerabilities, strengths, and areas for improvement.

*Links Communities to Consumers: Marketing promo any size of agriculture business holder.

*Agriculture property construction: Secure growing area is treated safe.

Who need it? Any size of agriculture business holder:
*Agriculture institution
*Agriculture company
*Agriculture dep of Government

Case Study:
Pig raising Secure by LandboNord:


Setting tips(BCC200)
Time Interval: 10sec
Playback speed: 15fps
Scene: Daylight
Using 32GB SD CARD: Stand alone 10days.
Battery life: Stand alone 17days for normal quality battery. 45days for Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery.
Human duty: Every 2 days review video one time to control raising quality.

Tomato growing by The Tomato Stall:


Setting tips(BCC200):
Time Interval: 1hr
Timer: Suggest use Timer to skip night time.
Playback speed: 10fps
Scene: Daylight
Use 32GB SD card: Stand alone 4000days
Battery life: Stand alone 40days for norma quality battery; 120days for Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery.
Human duty: Every 1 month review video one time observation.

Product info:

Need a battery powered camera watch your agriculture property ?

Brinno Time Lapse Surveillance MAC200DN: No wifi, no power cable, no problem!

Special Hybrid mode solution: 6meter Motion detecting plus overlook Time Lapse. Doing the job up to 14months.


Easy duty: 30days property watch, minutes video show you the world. 

Case study video:


MAC200DN setting tip for property watch:

Mode: Hybrid mode(motion activate any detection within 6m to the camera)

Time Interval: 20secs

Timer: Suggest use Timer to skip night time.

Playback speed: 30fps(if need video slow down, you can use video editor software to adjust)

Scene: Daylight

Use 32GB SD card

Human duty: Due to motion detection can’t be activate regularly, suggest approaching camera every 1 month review video one time, also check battery and clean SD card storage.

Product info:

Where to buy:



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